SCP Secret Laboratory

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Have you already played SCP Containment Breach? Then you’ll be thrilled to try its multiplayer version that you can enjoy together with your friends! The whole thing starts at a secret laboratory where a bunch of underground scientists runs dangerous genetic experiments. Everything seemed to go fine until the security system failed and some of the mutants ran off threatening to cause chaos all over the place. The lab staff now has to unite against a potential danger. You can choose any of the roles – one of the scientists, a special agent, a member of a resistance group or even an abnormal object – and make your own contribution to the course of events!

Every participant of the story has their own goal and abilities. And when things go awry, they all find themselves in a situation where they have to either save their lives or stick to their professional duty. Which of these ways to choose is up to you. This system of role distribution, along with randomly generated halls and dynamic action, make the game particularly unexpected and full of discoveries! You can never know where exactly you’re heading and can run into anything behind another door. Your future remains vague and uncertain until the very last minute when it becomes clear which of the teams has successfully coped with its task.

So what roles can be assigned to you and your teammates? If you are one of the lab rats – people on which experiments are held – you need to escape the building without attracting anyone’s attention. There is also a group of local resistance who have betrayed the Fond and are trying to save the lab rats from death to gain valuable information. Another bunch of characters whose only goal is to leave the lab safely are scientists. They didn’t expect to get involved in any of this and just want to stay out of trouble. They are helped by a special squad for neutralizing dangers as well as the guards who need to to deliver first aid to anyone harmed by dangerous situations. Finally, you can become one of the abnormal objects – genetic freaks raised in the lab and willing to kill as many people as possible. These characters are pretty diverse – they include a crazy doctor, humanoids capable of passing through rigid materials and flying into a rage when looked at, a giant lizard who can talk and many other bizarre beings. This is going to be a creepy and fascinating adventure! Step into SCP Secret Laboratory and see if you can get out alive!

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