Minecraft Animation

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Have you ever imagined how the School of Monsters might look if it was built of square blocks and every single one of its students had cubes instead of heads? Do you think this establishment would benefit from switching to broken pixels? If you want to know the answer to this question, you should check out the Minecraft Animation version of the game!

There is a sure way to tell Minecraft from the rest of the content available in the web – by its pixel design! Everything in this world is made of cubes – mountains and water, plants and animals, even characters. And whenever there is some new cross-play between other popular franchises and Minecraft, familiar heroes and locations are redesigned in the same square-shaped style. If you are fascinated with this immense cubic universe, you will definitely enjoy Minecraft Animation of your other favorite projects!

These pixel monsters look cute and fun and not scary at all. Their actions are accompanied with hilarious effects and you just can’t stop gazing at the clumsy moves of their bulky bodies. This is the whole point of Minecraft – it makes complicated scenarios look simple and entertaining. After all, there should be some logic in the design of the game where everything consists of blocks that are also the basic material for crafting different objects.

Seeing your favorite heroes and places in a new, cubic quality is guaranteed to give you a bunch of fresh and positive emotions! You can enjoy familiar sceneries and experienced well-studied gameplay from a totally different perspective. And we all are up for diversity, right? Add the immense capabilities of the sandbox where you are free to reshape the world around you and create just about any items and structures you like – and you won’t be able to get your eyes off the screen for hours!

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