SCP Minecraft

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Wanna try something new and exciting? In this version of Minecraft, you can build a secret organization inhabited by the a huge number of mystical creatures. All SCP objects come with unique capabilities, you can benefit from new blocks and textures. A greater variety of materials allows you to craft more items that can also be discovered all over the map. There are over fifty things from the original location, including night vision glasses that will help you find your way around in the darkness. Aside from tools, potions and weapons, you can now also create documents for spawning containment cameras. By the way, some potions have acquired new effects that you definitely need to check out!

Fans of hardcore gameplay will be glad to find out that SCP Minecraft has a fatigue system. That means that your character will gradually get tired and won’t be able to continue until you get some sleep. If you stay sleepless for a very long time, your life parameters will stop to drop and it can eventually result in your death. That is, if the monsters don’t get to you first… Luckily, there are plenty of ways to fight the off, including classic Minecraft weapons and ports from SCP. Note that some monsters can’t be killed or it’s highly complicated to do, so the only sure way to survive after a meeting like this is to seek refuge as quickly as possible.

The mobs added to this version represent the entire spectrum of paranormal phenomena you ever heard of. They all have peculiar skills ranging from telekinetic strikes to ability to pass through walls, so watch out. Of course, they don’t look that frightening in the cubic shape, but that doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous! Especially given the tricky structure of maps you are going to explore. Carefully check every room in search of handy items, look for safe passages and shelters you can use if you’re driven into a corner. Build barricades to protect yourself from attacking monsters – but remember that they won’t be an obstacle for some of them!

Your ultimate goal is to defeat all the monsters and get out of the building unharmed. In the process, you will collect plenty of valuable loot that you can upgrade on your workbench and add to your equipment. Perhaps you can even come up with your own amazing recipe based on the new types of materials you will discover in the laboratory! SCP Minecraft will pull you into the vortex of high-pressure action that will test your survival skills. Start right now and see how far you can get!

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