SCP Containment Breach

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You probably know that our world is full of paranormal phenomena official science is incapable of explaining. The government conceals such things from mere mortals to retain a semblance of control and safety. But behind the scenes, secret labs run various experiments studying the supernatural potential of the latest technologies. The organization in charge of this process is called SCP. This thrilling horror game gives you a unique chance to see the shadow side of scientific researches and take part in unbelievable events that are about to unfold in an underground bunker!

It was a usual working day. The scientists were busy looking into their microscopes and mixing chemicals in their tubes. The guards were patrolling the territory of the complex making sure the victims of this genetic phantasmagoria stayed locked securely in their cages. But nobody suspected the whole thing was already cracking from the inside. Part of the staff formed an alliance sympathizing with the lab rats and decided to help them escape by organizing a breach in the security system. One pull of the switch – and the entire building sank into chaos! The locks were open and everyone who had been held hostage broke free. Including the terrible beings the experiments resulted in… Now your survival is in your own hands! Can you get out of the laboratory before one of the abnormalities gets to you? Don’t panic, pull yourself together and start acting!

The building is a maze of halls and rooms. You have to find your way around them without getting into the sight of the furious monsters roaming the area. Be careful, but don’t slow down. You need to move quickly and search for a reliable hiding in case of danger. There are plenty of tools and weapons scattered around. You can use them to fight off the threat and gain an advantage over your enemies. Remember that your life is in danger every minute of the gameplay! The map is huge and intricate, there are plenty of floors for your to explore in search of the exit. Study every nook and cranny, make sure you haven’t missed any of the hidden passages. Keep your eyes peeled and run away if you see any of the paranormal creatures approaching you! Don’t hope to reason with them – although some of them are quite intelligent, they are eager to kill you. Test out your survival skills and reflexes in SCP Containment Breach and feel shivers running down your spine at the sight of another monstrosity!

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