Minecraft RTX

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There is hardly such a person who hasn’t heard about Minecraft. Its clumsy cubic graphics have become iconic for a whole series of games. A pixel world consisting of blocks that can be used to build almost anything, square-headed characters and monsters are part of the game’s charm and one of the reasons we all love it so much. And now imagine that this world can become even better-looking and more realistic without losing its geometric appeal! If you won’t to discover the immense and diverse universe of your favorite sandbox from a whole new perspective, welcome to Minecraft RTX!

This new version of the good old game will amaze you with graphical improvements. You’ll be stunned with incredible lighting effects, detailed reflections and lifelike surfaces. The objects now have more plausible-looking shadows and some of the blocks emit light depending on the materials they represent. All these nuances add much more volume and realism to the cubic landscapes. And yet they remain just as peculiar and familiar! You are going to enjoy your trip across the revamped sceneries of the Minecraft reality, with all the textures being polished to visual perfection.

Now wood looks much more like wood and minerals all differ in their appearance. You can clearly see if the surface of the stone is rough or smooth, literally feel its texture with the tips of your fingers. Objects like plants and animals, different terrains resemble their counterparts from the real life and are available in a great variety. All that allows for deeper immersion in the gameplay and will certainly enrich your gaming experience. You won’t be able to tear your eyes off the screen as you wander through all these marvelous locations and admire the amazing visual effects! Try Minecraft RTX and benefit from the perks of the upgraded graphics!

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