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One of the best things about Minecraft is its open world that allows developers to add vast amounts of content, including scenarios and characters from other popular franchises. That’s exactly how SCP Minecraft Foundation was born. This amazing mod adds creatures from the famous series of horror games telling the story of a secret organization exploring various scary beings and paranormal activity. Ready to experience your portion of creepy emotions in the cubic setting of the legendary sandbox? Then let’s get started!

The dungeons of SCP are full of the most incredible monsters that will strike your imagination. You can meet them all in this mod! Knowing their strong and weak sides is vital for success, so let’s speak a bit about their behavioral patterns and combat styles. One of the most interesting new mobs is the crazy doctor capable of infecting other characters into zombies. However, you can easily pacify him by giving him a red flower. Another dangerous being is SCP-173 that renders you blind before the attack. It can break your neck with one single move. To immobilize it, it’s enough to look at the creature closely. You can destroy it only with a diamond pickaxe.

And what about SCP-053 that looks like a little girl who will give you a guaranteed heart attack if you come close? Don’t even think of hitting her though – if you so much as touch her, you will die on the spot. There is just one way out – run as fast as you can! And this is only the beginning! There are monsters that can imitate any other mob, those that move at a super fast speed and even creatures that are impossible to kill. Not all of them are hostile, though. Meeting SCP-999 will actually increase your chances of survival. This is a friendly mob that increases your defense and satiation levels.

As you can see, SCP Minecraft Foundation adds a lot of diversity to the familiar gameplay. Fighting against the above mentioned beings will require a totally different approach from the one you’re used too. Not all of the weapons you’re carrying will be effective against these creatures, so get ready for a challenge! Deal with all the SCP monsters and make sure there is nothing threatening the wellbeing of the pixel world!

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