SCP Garry’s Mod

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If you are a fan of sandboxes, you are definitely familiar with such amazing project as Garry’s Mod. This isn’t a game in the common sense, but a whole platform demonstrating the capabilities of the Source engine. It allows you to modify objects from various games as well as create unique content, including transport, weapons and characters. In other words, you can craft all kinds of stuff here and do whatever you like with it. This is a true polygon for trying your hand at game design and get to know all this kitchen from the inside. Apart from making things, you can also test them out in a variety of modes, from construction to detective. You are both the game developer and the player!

Surely, such a popular game as SCP couldn’t stay aside and remain without a port to Garry’s Mod for too long! Now players are capable of experiencing the gripping story of the secret governmental group in charge of running forbidden experiments in the cozy and creative sandbox setting. You will gain access to a wide range of objects from the original game that can be added to the virtual reality of Garry’s Mod. And the whole point is not even in the fact that you can freely manipulate them bringing supernatural beings, equipment and other stuff from SCP into your little personal universe. Just think of it – you can actually change their appearance, properties and discover what else can be done with them!

Garry’s Mod offers a huge number of textures and elements that can be combined in all possible ways. You can improve the existing SCP mobs or create your very own unique one! After all, the work of the organization is all about studying different paranormal effects and experimenting with them to see what can be achieved on that turf. In that sense, Garry’s Mod is perfectly in line with the concept of the game. It will make you feel not just like a gamer trifling with a set of simple tools, but like a real scientist inventing new, exciting things! So hurry up and put on your lab coat! Set out to discover the perks and benefits of SCP Garry’s Mod and get a fresh thrill from the old scenario!

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